Leading Serviced Office Rental In Malaysia

Lionsworld Business Centre opened its door in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004. It has since been maintaining its market position as one of the leading business centres in Malaysia.

Lionsworld is experienced in providing Virtual Office and Serviced Office solutions to businessmen and entrepreneurs. All its packages are carefully designed to cater to the business environment in Malaysia. Most Small Medium Enterprises (SME) find Lionsworld a great platform to start off and provide support for their business.

Dream-working Environment

Lionsworld is a systematically-run organisation with every one of its operational system well tested and improved over the years. Lionsworld always strives its best to provide a dream-working environment to all its clients. It has managed to secure good clientele with diverse business backgrounds. Clients acquire services provided by Lionsworld for two simple reasons, i.e., Its packages are “value for money” and services provided are of high standard.

At Lionsworld, contemporary businessmen and entrepreneurs are assured of a great environment to work in. The current concept of relaxing working environment enables its clients to have peace of mind at work. On top of that, the State-Of-The-Art telephone system and well trained front liners have also added value in projecting a good image for all companies signed up with Lionsworld.

Lionsworld focuses on assisting both local and foreign professionals and businessmen to set up an office and kick start operation in the shortest time possible. In order to go the extra mile for excellent customer service, Lionsworld also provide many value added services to assist in the operation of its clients, e.g., Virtual Personal Assistant, In-house Legal Services, Telemarketing, Admin Support, Will Writing, Book Keeping, etc.

Lionsworld is continuously developing new activities and programmes to help its clients in increasing the velocity and creativity of business.